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Truth: Friend Or Foe?

Tanggal : 20-Oktober-2014, oleh: Mr Hanny

Unlike Ahab, Thelma came to the point of realizing that lies were phony friends. In that moment, she turned and faced her biggest fear—truth—and found that what she was running from was actually what she was looking for: God. All her attempts to save herself with lies led to the brink of self-destruction; but when she turned to the God of all truth, He made her a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Have you made truth your friend or your foe?

Have you surrounded yourself with friends who tell you the truth or lies? Is there a truth you're refusing to face? Have you turned to Christ, who is the truth?

Those who listen to lies lose the ability to hear the truth.

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Tanggal : 24-Oktober-2014, oleh: Mr Hanny

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