Amazing Process in SKPNK

Amazing Process in SKPNK

Tanggal : 15-Januari-2019, oleh: Licia Anastacia
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Hi! My name Is Licia Anastacia. Firstly, I didn’t use to believe what people said that SCHOOL IS OUR SECOND HOME. But now in this school, year by year, I can finally learn and experience the meaning of it. I feel like it’s my second home. Not only because I spend most of my time in school, but also my character, academic, and faith were built here, by socializing with friends, by studying, and by learning how to behave. The teachers here really help me to grow in Christ. Also by having devotional time every morning and chapel every friday. And the most special thing about PNK is The Boys Brigade. They let me have the opportunities that I can’t have outside BB. I made some friends from overseas, I played my first archery, and even spent my 3 days with KOPASSUS to have my drill camp. I really had an AMAZING process in my 11 years here in PNK. But I believe what my teacher said “process won’t betray result”.

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