English Competition

English Competition

Tanggal : 26-Juli-2016, oleh: Hosea - 7 SMP KPNK

My Name  is Hosea Kristo Listiadmadja,IM 7th grader of Pelita Nusantara Kasih Junior Highschool.i’d like to thank to our Mighty God Jesus Christ because of His blessings so that i can join the Smaga English Competition Last week.I Join the newscast division..I felt a little bit surprised when my teacher ask me to join it,but i said yes.To prepare it i had to join the tutorial time with my teacher.It was really hard because that was my first competition,but my teacher always support me and encourage me.That was make me feel confidence to face the competition,i also practice at home with my parents by observing a TV newscaster and pretend to be a real newscater.And the competition day comes,I felt nervous and  little bit unconfidence,so that i pray to God and ask His power to fill me.On the elimination round,i was in the 8th posistion for the big 10.So i continue to the final round.The final round is very dificuilt,i had to make my own Live news,with the topic provided,and i had to make a Live report,for the news i made.The time seems so long when we waited for the result,but,all the difficuilties and sacrifices seems gone when i heard that i was the second runner up.It was a very fantastic experience since this is my first competition. All by His grace. Thank you,Jesus for the wonderfull experience

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