Tanggal : 04-Juni-2013, oleh: Ms. Cilla

On Friday, 19th 2013 Junior High School of Pelita Nusantara Kasih had an opportunity to celebrate Easter with our friends in an orphanage of Widya Kasih. We left school around 8.00 in the morning and headed to Widya Kasih, Boyolali by bus. The students were so excited to visit and meet the children of Widya kasih. When we arrived in Widya Kasih, the coordinator of Widya Kasih welcomed us warmly. He directed us to gather in a hall. A few minutes later, the orphan children were coming and gathering with us in the hall. They introduced their name one by one and let us knew them more. We began the activity by praising and worshipping. Then, we continued with games that lead by Theo and Iola. The games were so excited and interesting. We learned how to cooperate each other by sharing our idea to reach the goal. In addition, the students looked happy they can get along with them.  It seemed that all of us became so tired then we decided to have lunch and took a break. Before we returned to school, we distributed things that we have prepared. We gave them clothes, food, school stationeries and also money. In this moment, we also took some photographs with the orphan children of Widya Kasih in the front of the building. It was really grateful, we did not only meet them but we can share love to them.

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