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Last February , I went to Jogjakarta with all my classmates and teachers from Pelita Nusantara Kasih Junior High School. The place was a beautiful and traditional village called "Penting Sari Village". The Village was at the downhill of Merapi Mountain. It took two hours for us to get there. At 10.00 p.m we got there. It was quite cold and cloudy but none of the students lost the spirit. We gathered at a place called "Joglo" and the teacher devided us to three groups. I was in the third group. We got a really friendly tour guide. Then we prayed. The first place we went was an old building, looked just like another normal house but there were some Indonesian traditional music instruments called "Gamelan". We tried to play a traditional Javanese song called "Sluku-sluku batok" using the Gamelan. For me, it was difficult and the one that I played didn't make sound it was supposed to make. After maybe 30 minutes we playing it, we took a picture with an old man who taught us how to play the Gamelan as a farewell to him. Then we went through a small forest and while we were sightseeing and breathing fresh air there, the guide explained about the plants that grow there. After a while, we arrived to a place. It was a wide dry river with many stones with various sizes and some tiny water flows. It was the route of the lava that went out from Merapi Mountain when there was an eruption. We took many pictures there. I meet the first group there, but we didn?t talk anything important. We had to go. After that, we went back to ?Joglo? . The second group was already there and they were eating lunch prepared by the folks who work there . After we finished eating lunch , we saw the first group came . They took long time to take pictures at the route of lava . After taking a rest for a while. We went to the final place of the trip. We learned how to make Batik . It was quite hard but fun. There was some liquid called malam, we used it to make the pattern instead of ink. We used a thing called "Canting" to pour and set the pattern of the Batik we wanted to make. I had a lot of troubles but there were two women there and they helped me a lot . After that, we gathered again at "Joglo", we prayed and we went home exactly at 5 p.m. After all, it was fun, exciting and broaden our knowledge. I love the trip and hope there will be many trips like this again. Bella/ JHS VIII

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